Artist Statement

Although my work is constantly evolving, at its very core it utilizes Chiaroscuro elements from Renaissance paintings incorporating low-key light and dark contrast as a foundation. Which is very evident in my early architectural style photography. I have always had an affinity to black and white photography but my creative growth has led to experimentations with long exposure to capture a sense of calmness and infusing varying tonal and value ranges to layer in a dramatic sense of motion to the still imagery. On my more recent images I’ve taken a minimalist approach focusing on creating a sense of drama and wonder on a singular subject. I constantly strive to learn and broaden my skills. I hope you have enjoyed my work thus far and invite you to join me on my continuing creative journey. 

My Background

I graduated with a bachelor of fine arts majoring in Theatre Lighting Design from UBC. So naturally elements of light, shadow, form and shapes are inherently major components in all my work. Before transitioning into digital photography I spent numerous hours in the darkroom. Whether traditional film or the digital medium I ultimately aim to create images that will resonate with viewers. I am eternally appreciative for the support of the photography community. They have inspired me to believe that I “can” make photography my life long passion project.

Using Format